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May 2018

A Relentless Disciple

A Relentless Disciple

Isaiah 43:7
Matthew 28:19-20
God’s purpose for you life is to bring Him glory
You bring glory to God in 5 ways

April 2018

Ministry Matters

Ministry Matters Ephesians 2:10, I Peter 4:10
  1. Accept Your Role As A Minister 
  2. Have the attitude of Jesus
  3. Have the availability of the disciples
  1. Use Your Gifts As A Minister
Six ways to to discover your spiritual gifts  1) Acceptance 2) Awareness 3) Appeal 4) Asking 5) Association 6) Action III. Remember Your Rewards As A Minister 2 Corinthians 5:10 

The Importance of Fellowship

The Importance of Fellowship 

Matthew 22:34-40
Isaiah 43:7
God’s purpose for you life is to bring Him glory
You bing glory to God in 5 ways

The Expression of Your Worship

The Expression of Your Worship

Matthew 22:34-40
Isaiah 43:7
There are five ways to glorify God
1. Worship
2. Fellowship 

January 2018

James 5:13-18

July 2017

Responding To God’s Word – James 1:16-21

Responding to God's Word James 1:16-21 I. God's Desire Matt 7:21-23 II. God's Method
  1. Eagerness to hear God's Word
  2. Prepared to comment on God's Word
  3. Don't get mad at what God's Word says

March 2017

Why Forsake Me – Matthew 27:46

A Word of Separation Matthew 27:45-46 What is happening when Jesus is dying on the cross? 1. Jesus became sin 2 Cor 5:21 2. Jesus paid for sin Rom 6:23 Rom 3:25 3. Jesus became our substitution Gal 3:13 Lesson from these words from the cross: God is a holy God The holiness of God means two things ... 1. That He must punish sin 2. That He cannot be in the presence of sin  Here's how God dealt with these two issues 1 John 2:2 Romans 4:23-24 Take Home Truths 1. Turn to Christ for salvation 2. Live in joy and gratitude for God's salvation 3. Tell others the good news about Jesus

Behold Mother – John 19:26

A Word of Compassion John 19:25-27 God cares for you more than you probably realize 1 Peter 5:6 1 Peter 5:7 (I will show them separately) Luke 2:22-35 John 19:23-24 Take Home Truths 1.  Jesus died for your sin so you can be saved 2.  God cares as much about your pain, hurt and struggles as He does your salvation 3.  God gives you as much access to Him as He does anyone else in the world

Today Paradise – Luke 23:43

Series: Great Words from a Great Work A Word of Salvation Luke  23:39-43 I.   The Cross of Rejection II.   The Cross of Acceptance Romans 10:13 III.  The Cross of Salvation Romans 6:23

February 2017

Father Forgive Them Luke 23:34

Series Title: Great Words for a Great Work

A Word of Forgiveness

Luke 23:34

4 truths about Jesus’ prayer of forgiveness on the cross

  1. It is a fulfillment of scripture

Isaiah 53: 12

  1.  It presents Jesus as our substitute
  2.  It takes care of our sins of ignorance
  3.  It is an example to follow

Moving from the truth to your life (Putting these 4 truths into practice)

You personalize these truths

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