Psalm 23:5 – Psalm 23 Series

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Psalm 23:5 I.     God Protects My Life So I Can Be Courageous 1 Samuel 17:34-36 II.    God Comforts My Life So I Can Be Healed III.   God Overflows My Life So I Can Be Blessed Psalm 68:19 Psalm 126:3 1. The reason for your blessings 2.  The response for your blessings
5 things 
not to do
 when you are hurt by someone
1. Don't ignore it 2. Don't run from it 3. Don't hide it 4. Don't worry about it 5. Don't resent it
3 things 
to do
 when you are hurt by someone 
1. Let God handle those who have hurt you 2. Let God heal your hurts How does God heal your hurts? Through Fellowship Through Prayer Through Worship Through Ministry 3. Let God replace your hurts With Hope Romans 15:13 With Love 1 Thessalonians 3:12 With Joy John 16:24