Our Mission & Vision

The Mission of FBC Howe is to bring glory to God through developing ever-growing, devoted followers of Jesus Christ



We envision a body of believers that is God-focused, Christ-centered, and Spirit-led.  we see our church unified in submission to God’s authority.  We see our members living surrendered to jesus Christ with enthusiasm and joy, regardless of circumstance.  We visualize ever person being filled to overflow with the Holy Spirit.


Sharing Life Together

We envision a body of believers expressing love in service and acceptance sharing life through relationship and experience, and living contagiously, spurring one another toward a victorious life in Christ.  They serve together, pray together, worship together, and live life together.  


Authentic Worship

We envision a body of believers where creative, inspiring, and authentic expressions of worship will stem from a passion for God.  This passion will flow from our public worship into a lifestyle of private worship and out into our community making God real to our world.


Biblical Discipleship

We envision a body of believers equipped in the Word of God, using it in all guidance and decision-making.  We see our ministries being firmly grounded in God’s Word, where every sermon preached and ever lesson taught will be biblically grounded, resulting in spiritual growth. 


Missional Living

We envision a body of believers transformed to love God and others, mesmerized by the idea that life is all about Jesus, transfixed  by His Gospel, and His heart for people.  They are seed throwers and fire starters, hope peddlers and grace givers, risk takers and dreamers, young and old, empowering the poor, strengthening the weak, embracing the outcast, and seeking the lost.  The community will change because God uses them.  


What To Expect 


What Do I Wear?

There is no correct answer to this question!  While some members and attendees do wear their  “Sunday best”, many others wear casual and comfortable clothes on Sunday morning.  Wednesday nights are always all casual.  Don’t worry about what you wear, just come as you are. 


When Do I Need To Arrive?

We offer two Worship Services times and one Bible Fellowship time.  Our first service begins at 8:30 am and with Bible Fellowship to follow at 9:45 am.  Our second service begins at 11:00 am.  Plan on arriving about ten minutes before Worship or Bible Fellowship to ensure you are able to find a parking space.


What About Parking?

As you might expect, the early birds get the best places.  You can expect to be close to any entrance you wish for the 8:30 am Worship Service.  By 9:45 am, we still have some parking, but you might find yourself farther from the church complex.  The best news is that we reserve plenty of parking for first time visitors right by the main worship center entrance.  Just look for the signs.  


What About My Children?

First Baptist has an excellent pre-school and children’s ministry.  Sunday school classes, of course are offered for all ages.  There is an excellent chance that your child will find friends from his or her school at First Baptist!


What Can I Expect?   

Each Worship Service at FBC is an uplifting, powerful experience.  We do believe that worship is a verb!  Our praise songs are all posted on a large screen in the auditorium, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost in a hymnal.  Our pastor, Roger Tidwell, will share a message that can change your life – because it is taken directly from God’s Word.


I Want to Join!

You will have the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ at the end of each Worship Service.  If you are a Christian, you are welcome to join First baptist Church as a member.  You may present yourself for membership in one of the following ways:  


  1. By professing your faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and being baptized by immersion

  2. By promise of letter from another Baptist Church.  (We will take care of writing the letter for you).  

  3. By statement that you are a Christian having been baptized by immersion.

  4. By New Testament baptism if you are a Christian, but have never ben baptized by immersion  


The time to make your decision known is during the singing of the invitation song after the sermon.  Simply come to the front and speak with the Pastor.  If you feel the need to speak one on one with someone first, please call the Church office at 903-532-5504 and make an appointment to speak with one of our ministers.  If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.  We are here to serve you.