March 2017

Why Forsake Me – Matthew 27:46

A Word of Separation Matthew 27:45-46 What is happening when Jesus is dying on the cross? 1. Jesus became sin 2 Cor 5:21 2. Jesus paid for sin Rom 6:23 Rom 3:25 3. Jesus became our substitution Gal 3:13 Lesson from these words from the cross: God is a holy God The holiness of God […]

Behold Mother – John 19:26

A Word of Compassion John 19:25-27 God cares for you more than you probably realize 1 Peter 5:6 1 Peter 5:7 (I will show them separately) Luke 2:22-35 John 19:23-24 Take Home Truths 1.  Jesus died for your sin so you can be saved 2.  God cares as much about your pain, hurt and struggles […]

Today Paradise – Luke 23:43

Series: Great Words from a Great Work A Word of Salvation Luke  23:39-43 I.   The Cross of Rejection II.   The Cross of Acceptance Romans 10:13 III.  The Cross of Salvation Romans 6:23

February 2017

Father Forgive Them Luke 23:34

Series Title: Great Words for a Great Work A Word of Forgiveness Luke 23:34 4 truths about Jesus’ prayer of forgiveness on the cross It is a fulfillment of scripture Isaiah 53: 12  It presents Jesus as our substitute  It takes care of our sins of ignorance  It is an example to follow Moving from […]