Father Forgive Them Luke 23:34

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Series Title: Great Words for a Great Work

A Word of Forgiveness

Luke 23:34

4 truths about Jesus’ prayer of forgiveness on the cross

  1. It is a fulfillment of scripture

Isaiah 53: 12

  1.  It presents Jesus as our substitute
  2.  It takes care of our sins of ignorance
  3.  It is an example to follow

Moving from the truth to your life (Putting these 4 truths into practice)

You personalize these truths by receiving God’s forgiveness then sharing God’s forgiveness.

  1. You receive God’s forgiveness at salvation

Justification is God declaring you not guilty of sinning.

  1. You share God’s forgiveness with others

There are two ways to share God’s forgiveness with others …

   1) With Your Words

   2) With Your Actions

Four things that will help you to forgive others.

      (1) Remembering how much I’ve been forgiven.

      (2)  Giving up my right to get even

      (3)  Responding to my hurts with goodness

      (4)  Rinse and repeat as necessary