October 23 2016 Sermon

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Growing Younger Everyday

3 John 2

John 10:10


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A change in your Attitude:

(1) From a life of complaining to gratitude

(2)From a life of criticizing to love

A change in your Routine:

(3) From a life in a rut to a life of risks

(4) From a life of comfort to a life of courage



A change in your Health

What does the Bible say about your physical body?

1 Corinthians 6:13-20

  1. Your Body is for God
  2. Your Body Belongs to God
  3. . Your Body Contains God
  4. Your Body is Greatly Valued by God
  5. Your Body Will be Made Perfect by God

“What’s at the end of your fork is more powerful than anything you’ll ever find in a prescription bottle.”