Our Mission for student ministry at First Baptist Church in Howe, Texas follows the mission of our church.  As a student ministry we want to be developing teenagers that grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
In our student ministry we not only want our students to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ but that our students would share their faith and make new disciples for Jesus Christ.
We meet every Sunday at 9:15am for Bible Fellowship.  During this time students are broken into small groups depending on grade level and gender. 
We meet at 6:15pm every Wednesday night during the school year.  First we gather for a meal and fellowship and then at 6:45pm we have Bible Study and small group time.  Join us for great Bible Study, Food, and Fun!
We are constantly involved in fellowship with one another.  We do many activities throughout the year, such as Youth Camp, Disciple Now, Fifth Quarters, Concerts, Parties and Special Summer Night Events.  These activities are designed to help build our relationship with one another and Jesus Christ.